miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

far far away

this time, this place
misused, mistakes
too long, too late
who was I to make you wait
just one chance, just one breath
just in case there's just one left

'cause you know that I love you
I have loved you all along
and I miss you
been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me, and you'll never go
stop breathing if I don't see you anymore

on my knees, I'll ask

last chance for one last dance
'cause with you, I'd withstand all of hell to hold your hand
I'd give it all, I'd give for us
give anything but I won't give up

'cause you know
that I wanted
I wanted you to stay

'cause I needed
I need to hear you say:
I love you, I have loved you all along

and I forgive you, for being away for far too long
so keep breathing,
'cause I'm not leaving you anymore

believe it, hold on to me and never let me go ..

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