viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009


when you wake up, and find me gone tomorrow
don’t think I meant to hurt you, i just did what we knew i had to ..
and all the time we knew,
the time was never right for us, time to leave this love behind, i could never leave you if I saw you cry..

i’ll say good bye for the two of us
tonight while you sleep i’ll kiss you softly one last time and say good-bye
like i know we must, there’s just no other way, and i couldn’t bear to see your heart break
so i´ll wait till your asleep to say good-bye

please realize, how hard it is to do this
i’m trying to make it through this
say good-bye just as gently as i can, please try and understand..
this time just wasn’t the time for us. we knew i couldn’t stay..
but that don’t make it easier to leave you, so while i can find the strength..
before your arms embrace me, before your kisses take me, before your eyes can make me stay..

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